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Master’s thesis: Systems innovation for sustainability

Challenge Lab

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In short, Challenge Lab at Chalmers University of Technology is a challenge-driven innovation and co-creation arena aiming to support the transition towards a more sustainable society. At Challenge Lab, space is created for 15-20 master's thesis students from different master's programmes to develop unique leadership capabilities and collaborate together with stakeholders from organisations within academia, industry, the public sector and civil society in thesis projects with societal impact.

At the Lab, you enter with a curiosity to change the current unsustainable systems in society. We won’t give you any predefined topics to work on, instead, as part of the thesis process, you use Backcasting to define your own research question, interacting with societal stakeholders to identify how your competences combined with those of a fellow student can address a societal challenge of relevance.

As the challenges are complex, we believe multiple disciplines need to work together to address them, and hence we encourage diversity. We accept students from all masterʼs programmes at Chalmers as well as from students from the programme Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship at Handels.