For Students


Do you want to meet companies and  make connections, and have fun doing so? Check out our events! 


Job Openings

Need extra cash? Or do you want something to do this summer? Maybe you are  soon done with your studies and are looking for a master thesis? We got you covered!

Job Openings

For Companies


Are you renovating your office and throwing out furniture? Or replacing the coffee mugs? We might be interested!

Lunch Lectures

Let our students get to know what you do at your company, what cool techniques you use or let them get inspired by the journey of one of your employees! 


An evening together with the students in our own pub Basen in a good way to get to know our students in a more relaxed way. 

And more

We can help you arrange different kinds of events such as workshops, competitions or physical activities. 

We can also help you with marketing of jobs, master thesis, own events and much more!


We arrange the DatE-IT fair together with ARMIT and ARME. More information is available on DatE-ITs's own webpage.


About Us

Letting students get in touch with companies

Our mission is to make it easier for students to get in touch with different companies in various ways. We do this by helping companies arrange events at Chalmers, help them organize their own event and also arrange the DatE-IT fair together with ArmE and ArmIT. 

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